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Health Care vs. Fitness: Where’s the Gap?

Posted on November 3, 2020 Michael Hughes

There are 2 big problems:

  1. The healthcare industry (which I’m sure you already know is an issue)
  2. The fitness industry

Let’s start with healthcare as it relates to personal training and fitness. 

True or False: 85% of Primary Care Physicians have no muscular skeletal dysfunction training beyond prescribing expensive and addictive medications or referring to surgery. 

That, my friends, is true! It’s crazy to think that 85% of doctors don’t really even know how to diagnose or even treat muscular skeletal dysfunctions. For reference, this includes things like sprains, contusions, fractures, tendonitis, arthritis, muscles pulls, postural stress and more. Their best advice is to rest, ice, compress, elevate OR go get surgery and take some vicodin or oxycontin (that you may or may not get addicted to). 

Is this the doctor’s fault? No. It’s just how the system is set up. They are programmed to suggest medicine and surgery as a solution versus taking a more holistic approach that doesn’t require either of those things. 

What I’m saying is that there is a lack of education and specialization amongst doctors when it comes to muscular skeletal dysfunctions. That’s the big issue with health care.

So what are the fitness industry’s problems?

True or False: Medical professionals respect fitness professionals.

(wam-wam) False. One of the big reasons fitness professionals don’t have respect and trust from the medical community is because within the last 6 years, workout related injuries have increased 144%. That’s a lot! More people are getting injured during their workouts because of poor programming and poor coaching. This is a result of the fitness industry’s emphasis on always lifting more and doing it for longer which inevitably leads to injuries. 

So yeah, can you blame the medical community for not trusting us? We (as in the collective fitness industry) are literally funneling people to them. 

The good news is that somewhere between those two problems is a solution. Some may even call it a Revolution. And we think we just might have that solution, so check it out in the video below where we go into much more depth about these two problems and tell you about the biggest opportunity in fitness right now that you can take advantage of. 

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