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We know when you are busy wearing all the hats of running your fitness business, one of the first things that suffer from lack of attention are the actual workouts. We know because that’s what we did at first. Innovating on the fly and getting dubious results. One year we changed all that. We prioritized programming and made it the pinnacle of our methodology. We now have an entire team of programmers who geek out on movement, obsess over what a truly balanced workout is and objectively test the results of their programs to ensure it truly is balanced and doesn’t expose our clients to unnecessary injury risks.



The perfect onboarding, low impact fitness program for trainers looking to help clients get back to being fit and healthy.


Our flagship, most universal program designed to offer smart workouts that 80% of the population can do successfully.


A smart, highest level training program to unlock your clients’ athletic potential. Complete with benchmarking assessments!

Unlock and inspire your clients’ athletic potential with offering two programs. Start training clients in G2 and eventually test them into G3!

Create the perfect group training ecosystem with three levels and intensities that allow you to tailor workouts to your entire clientele.


Online Coaching Course

Success is not an accident. What has made Gymnazo rise above industry standards was a meticulous commitment to a system, a process of teaching and a specific set of exercises to guide individuals to their highest potential as coaches. If you want more, are worried you don’t have what it takes or are about to go back to corporate America and leave the dream of turning your passion for fitness into an incredible business, this course is FOR YOU. If you are someone who admires our growth and wants to know the secrets behind the success, this is FOR YOU. If you are successful but know deep down you need to replicate yourself to scale, the Multidimensional movement coaching course will teach you the system for training others that we’ve used to be able to step away from our business and entrust it to coaches as capable as us. Learn our unique methodology by participating in our Multidimensional Movement Coach training program!

Our unique methodology works because we’ve tested it and seen others model their fitness businesses after us and seen revenue double, retention skyrocket and trainers finally get paid what they’re worth.

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