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Multi-Dimensional Movement Coaching Program (MDMC)

The MDMC Mentorship is a 4-6 month hands-on program that will help you to fill the gaps in your knowledge and understand how to apply that knowledge to your training sessions. We put a huge emphasis on teaching you the WHY behind movement. WHY is someone experiencing pain? WHY are you programming certain exercises? WHY does someone’s left foot toe out every time they squat?

We aren’t here to give you the answers or a list of protocols and exercises to do that may or may not work for each of your clients. We are here to teach you the foundational knowledge about the body and movement that will empower you to problem solve yourself.

To our knowledge, there is no other program or course out there that is THIS deep, THIS interactive, and THIS effective in teaching you how to apply what you know to your practice. From this program you will walk away feeling more confident in your ability to help your clients, more knowledgeable about how the body moves, more empowered to problem solve for movement pains or dysfunctions and equipped to handle any client that walks through your doors.

We are determined to help turn fitness into a sustainable career instead of a burnout hobby job that barely pays the bills. And with the tools and skills we equip you with in this course you can do just that. So if you do one thing this year to level up as a coach, make it be the MDMC Mentorship program. We have so much confidence that this program can help you that if you’re not getting any value from it within 30 days…we’ll refund you.

So if you’re ready to jump into this ‘life-changing’ program, click the button below!

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Mini Courses

Not ready for the MDMC Mentorship? No sweat. Check out some of the mini courses we have below. These courses are bite-sized modules from our MDMC course that are cost-effective, self paced and self taught (still highly informative though).

If you like to geek out about the body or if you’re looking to get a deeper understanding of the sciences behind how the body moves, this course is for you.

We will teach you all of the basics for running your group sessions in a way that is professional, fun, educational and makes every one of your clients feel like rockstars.

At the center of offering an experience you know your clients will give a 5-star rating, is knowing what your clients want and need.

In this course, we will cover everything you need to know about transitioning your training online so you can train whomever, wherever.


Pre-Programmed Workouts for Your Clients

Because we know that you’re busy wearing all the hats of running your fitness business and programming can get VERY time consuming, to save you some of that time we created 3 months worth of programming for you! Rather than spending hours each week programming new workouts, now you can just watch a 5-minute video that explains each day’s workout. Below, we’ve separated out our programming based on 3 levels of clients we typically see.



The perfect onboarding, low impact fitness program for trainers looking to help clients get back to being fit and healthy.


Our flagship, most universal program designed to offer smart workouts that 80% of the population can do successfully.


A smart, highest level training program to unlock your clients’ athletic potential. Complete with benchmarking assessments!

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