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What clients are saying…

I chose exclusive one-on-one training after a pretty serious shoulder injury while bouldering. Coming back from injury left me feeling a lot of fear and mistrust when it came to some of the most simple exercises and I was scared I would never climb again… Working with CJ helped me rebuild my confidence in my body as well as develop better awareness of using my whole body for movements and power rather than isolating movements in one muscle group or area. This injury has been something I have been managing for years and CJ was my best round of physical therapy yet! I really appreciate the knowledge the instructors have about anatomy and accessing the power in my body. I enjoy training at Gymnazo because it is a positive and fun environment to build strength and confidence for and in myself. I need that extra push, especially in my cardio workouts 🙂 that I don’t quite get on my own ! I also started climbing again!! Thanks for everything !

— Meg Whitney

I love that the workouts are constantly changing, and that I always feel challenged but can also adapt exercises if I have pain or injury from which I am recovering. I love that I can feel myself getting stronger every week, and that my once chronic back pain has diminished for me so much that I rarely experience it! I love that it’s one of my favorite hours of the day that I can focus on myself and set everything aside when work and life is stressful. It has become a sanctuary for me – body, soul, mind, and spirit. I love that when I’m working out now I hear this new voice inside me whisper, “you can do this.” I love the proud feeling as I’m walking out the door that I *did* do it, and that feels great.

— Sherilyn Keller

What coaches are saying…

Before MDMC I had a very narrow view of functional movement. Although I had graduated with a Kinesiology degree, and had been a personal trainer prior, I was kind of stuck in the “old” way of thinking about movement and fitness. The MDMC program provided such an in-depth understanding of functional movement as we learned through seminars and hands on experience. It opened up my mind to what true function looks like, by forcing me to rethink how movement and fitness work simultaneously. I give a great deal of credit for where I am at in my professional career to Gymnazo and their coaches. The course was an integral part of me becoming a stronger, more experienced, and more knowledgeable personal trainer. I now have a strong understanding of how to work with any client from rehab to performance, beginner to elite. I would never have known how important this knowledge would be in my future career had I not gone through the Gymnazo internship.

— Alisha Namanny

I was at a place in my life where I was feeling stuck. Successfully running my own gardening business, but feeling burned out and desperate to jump into the fitness industry and explore my passion. I was teaching a few group fitness classes and lucky to have less than a handful of incredible personal training clients. Then a friend emailed me a link to a free community workout at a gym called Gymnazo, and I booked myself a spot. I had no idea that this workout would “unstick” me, and ultimately change my life.

Over the MDMC program I learned the basics of Applied Functional Science (AFS), including the strategies and nomenclature. We learned the specific styles of the Gymnazo brand warm-up, cool-down and the structure of their exercises. We practiced coaching techniques, volume control, eye contact, pacing and body language. We dissected the environmental, biological and behavioral aspects of a client achieving success. We discussed 3D Motion and filmed ourselves practicing exercises in the three planes of motion.

I was uplifted by the shining example led by the primo coaches at Gymnazo. The incredible coaches encouraged me to get to know their clients: to talk less, listen more, and not just show a client “how” to do something but to find out “why” they want to do it. The goal was to support, empower, strengthen, open, and connect with people by finding out who THEY are, and what makes THEM happy. I’m so thankful for this program and have grown so much as a person and a trainer because of it.

— Jennifer Stevens

Gymnazo’s MDMC curriculum educates your mind in a way that allows you to dissect any other training method from first principles. For me, this is its greatest value. Once you learn these truths of science (e.g. how gravity affects the patella in three planes of motion), you can’t ‘unsee’ them. (Spoiler alert: it’ll change how you view most existing fitness experiences.)

From the function of muscle fibers to how to genuinely connect with a client in a way that makes them want to pay to see you 3x/week for a year, you’re able to see and manage the big picture.

It’s a powerful, holistic approach to wellbeing. You will understand biomechanics on a deeply technical level, and simultaneously appreciate more and better connect with the human that you are helping

— Lucas Chatham

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