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What does it mean to be successful in the fitness industry?

Posted on November 18, 2020 Paden Hughes

Being in the fitness industry is a tough gig. There is SO much competition out there. It’s easy to blend in with the rest of the hundreds of thousands of trainers who have their ACE, NASM, ACSM, ISSA, or whatever certification. So because of all of the competition you have to work extra hard marketing and selling your services, which may or may not be something you’re good at. And it’s a lot harder to be successful as a team of 1 when you’re not good at marketing and selling your services. 

So it seems like it can be pretty tough to really be successful as a personal trainer right? So what do you do about it? You find a way to stand out. 

And that’s exactly what Michael did. He ignored the standards within the industry and followed his passion for physical therapy. He invested thousands of dollars into learning about the body, biomechanics, physics, neuromuscular pathways etc. 

So he got the education and he had big ideas, but back in 2010 he was stretched so thin that he didn’t have the time or resources to really make a game plan for how to execute on his idea. And that’s where I came in. 

I helped Michael organize his ideas and create an action plan. Together, we chose three things to focus on and obsess about. 

Fast forward to 2017. We got an email from Mindbody inviting us to attend their Mindbody Bold Conference in San Diego. Us being totally oblivious to what this invitation really meant, we weren’t sure if we wanted to go. But after a little encouragement we decided to take the trip from San Luis Obispo down to San Diego. 

When we arrived, unbeknownst to us, we were given VIP name tags and invited to the champagne toast at the end of the night. Again, didn’t know why we were invited, but I was all over that. 

So we show up to this toast, toddler in hand, dressed way too casually and the CEO gives a speech congratulating us for being in the TOP 5% OF THE INDUSTRY. Ummm what? We were SO surprised! We literally had no idea that we were outperforming 95% of the industry. 

So if that isn’t a success-defining moment, then I don’t know what is. And we can attribute our success to those 3 things that we decided to hone in on back in 2010. Curious to know what made us a 7-figure fitness business in the top 5% of the fitness industry? Then check out the video below where we spill our juicy secrets.

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