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If you are:

  • Lacking confidence
  • Experiencing Imposter Syndrome
  • Working yourself into the ground
  • Having a hard time connecting the dots
  • On the edge of burnout
  • Overwhelmed by the idea of sales and marketing
  • Not making as much money as you want
  • Wanting to become a movement master
  • Having a hard time applying your knowledge
  • Wanting to build and grow your own fitness business

then we’ve got solutions for You

We help trainers of all levels, certifications and skill sets:

  • Become confident and capable coaches
  • Deepen their understanding of biomechanics
  • Create fun, varied, and well-balanced workouts and programs 
  • Learn how to assess, identify and fix their clients’ movement-related pains and dysfunctions
  • Turn their love for fitness into a flourishing career
  • Keep their clients coming back for more
  • Build a profitable 6-figure+ businesses from the ground up
  • Get their lives back while still making a comfortable living
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The Future of Training

Introducing the New Model of Training for the Next Generation of Trainers

We know what it’s like to work 80 hour work weeks, to watch a client limp out of a training session, and have someone smirk at us when we say “I’m a personal trainer.” We have felt the pressure to attract and keep clients, especially when a venture back fitness franchise sets up shop right in our neighborhood. There is nothing worse than going all in on a dream and realize it’s beginning to feel more like a nightmare.

What if there was a simple path to follow to transform your passion into a rewarding career? That’s what we’ve been refining for the past decade. Our programs will give you the tools you need to get your career EXACTLY where you want it.

We built these services with one goal in mind: to take everything we’ve tested, tried and found successful and train you how to do it faster and far less expensively than it took us.

Save Time Programming

Use our workouts with your clients

Level Up Your Knowledge

Gain a deeper understanding of the science behind movement

Become a Movement Master

Get certified as a Multi-Dimensional Movement Coach

& Paden Hughes

Cofounders of GymnazoEdu

Gymnazo exists to arm trainers, coaches and fitness enthusiasts with the tools and experiences they need to turn their passion into rewarding careers and businesses. From humble beginnings, this dynamic duo built a fitness business into a 7-figure a year thriving ecosystem of training. Together with Michael’s passion for raising the standards for coaching as a profession and Paden’s mastery of the management tools it takes to create a legacy, they now train their peers how to replicate their success.

Learn How They Changed the Game
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Meet Our Team

Everyone needs a coach to jump to the next level, even coaches. We have collectively ushered thousands of clients into achieving their goals and it fuels us. Our heart, enthusiasm, thirst for knowledge and desire to see others succeed drives us to innovate, break barriers and rethink what’s possible for our entire industry.

CJ Kobliska

Coach Manager, Director of Programming & Movement Practitioner

Known internally as “the wizard”, CJ is respected as an explorer of human potential, a collector of skills and applier of knowledge and someone who is obsessed with growth and evolution.

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Kaleena Ruskin

Movement Specialist & Female Core Specialist

Blending her fierce competitive spirit with a heart that obsesses over how to take care of her clients, she is the Queen of proof, the master of details and is a performance game changer.

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MDMC Testimonials

Thank you again Michael and Gymnazo for providing such an invaluable experience! The MDMC course was extremely thorough and taught me not only to be a better, more knowledgeable trainer, but also how to run a successful business. After completing MDMC I landed a job at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View. My manager told me it was my knowledge of how the body moved in three planes of motion, as well as my ability to tweak moves up and down in the practical interview, that really set me apart from the other candidates. Shortly after, I created my own small group fitness brand, using what I learned from this course, and brought that to Google and it was very quickly a huge success. Within 6 months there were 4-5 classes a day and 56 members. I then branched out, starting my own business, adding another 13 classes/week outside of Google and hired another coach. I believe that what I learned through MDMC course about how to coach and relate to your clients is what kept the retention so high. I can’t shout enough praise and highly recommend this course for any trainer ready to take both their business and training style to the next level.

— Amanda Watson, Infinity Fitness

The content I’ve learned in this course has helped me coach 60 and 70 year old individuals begin to “unlock” their bodies and reconnect with the joy it is to move pain-free. It’s also allowed me to teach teenagers how to establish quality movement practices as they move forward with their athletic dreams. If you are a professional in the Fitness industry, I can’t encourage you enough to take advantage of this course. I remember when I was going through the MDMC experience, each week felt like new layers of truth and chain-reactions were being revealed to me. There’s nothing else like it in our field. Give yourself a new set of “eyes” and buckle in for a masterful experience!

— Matt Nelson, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Oaks Christian High School

Big thank you to Michael and the MDMC experience I value greatly to this day. We weren’t handed a list of prescribed exercises, we were taught from the ground up how to assess, guide and assist people to reach their goals. I’ve received great value from both functional movement skills but the also the extensive soft skills taught by Michael and Paden over my career. It’s assisted my growth immensely through the NFL and NCAA organizations I’ve been lucky to be a part of. I can’t thank Gymnazo enough for my transformative experience with MDMC.

— Seb Zorn, MS, RD, LDN, CSSD Associate Director of Sports Nutrition at Stanford Football

Going through the MDMC program was a life changing experience for me. Before I discovered this program, I was pursing my Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and didn’t know what I wanted to do next. Lucky for me MDMC opened my eyes to a whole new realm of career opportunity. This program is holistic, dynamic, founded in evidenced-based science and most importantly – it works. I will forever be grateful for being introduced to the MDMC program. This program will equip you to be a more confident and educated fitness professional and set you up as a future success- wherever your road might take you.

— Shannon Kelly, MS, OTR/L Occupational Therapist
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