Impacting Trainers with What Works

Gymnazo Edu came out of a desire to help trainers create something bigger and better than the options most of us have. We developed these programs and tools through our own experiences. We have been where you are. We know what it’s like to want more for yourself. And we know what it takes to change your life and the lives of your clients. Whether you’ve been training for years, training as a hobby to make extra money, or you’re a kinesiology graduate facing an unknown future, Gymnazo Edu is for YOU.

Every product and service we’ve built has been stripped down to only the strategies we use on a daily basis. Our team has distilled knowledge from over $100k invested into certifications, educational courses, masterminds and any other form of learning we needed to fill in the gaps in our skills. We take education seriously, for one simple reason: you deserve it.

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How We’re Different

Gymnazo Edu was founded to improve the art of coaching. It takes raw talent, deep knowledge and structure to deliver a quality workout experience. You don’t need another certification built by an equipment company to show you 1000 different ways to swing something heavy. You need guidance to master the best skills in our industry and be able to apply them confidently on the fly. You need a methodology, a standard and a business model to follow. You need someone who has built something you admire to reveal exactly what it took to get there.


Entrepreneurs First

We are entrepreneurs first and movement nerds second. We love to geek out on the theory behind methods and training styles. Any time we find a principle-based concept we want to test, we do just that. We put it out in front of live clients. They are the jury. If at the end of the day 400+ of our clients didn’t love our methods AND get results from it, that program is gone. The ONLY programs you will see from us on this site are the ones that have passed our tests.


Better AND Smarter Coaches

Simply put if we are good at anything it’s developing truly incredible coaches. It’s been the secret to our ability to scale to a 7-figure business and train others to dominate in their cities. The way we achieve this is that we teach you HOW to think not WHAT to think. A good coach is someone who is thrown a curveball and they hit it out of the park with class.

We train you how to think in such a way that when you have to solve for something unforeseen you are capable and confident. We don’t want you to be puppets of our methodology, we want you to use it to empower you to step into your true coaching potential.


We Learn from the BEST

We obsess about learning from the best. Everything we know about restoration was taught to us by arguably the best Physical Therapist in the country, Gary Gray. We wanted to offer the best customer service, so we got trained by the Ritz-Carlton. The list goes on and will continue to as we learn from the best in class and find a way to integrate it into our programs and services.


Experience Creators

We pride ourselves on being intentional about everything. We curate an incredible client experience founded on solid science and replicatable systems. This is a new model of training that values the quality of the programs AS MUCH as how it is delivered.

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