We Are Movement Masters and You Can Be One Too

We are confident and capable trainers and coaches. We deeply understand movement and how to address dysfunction and pain on the floor. We are skill gatherers. We are masterful at knowing which strategy and technique will provide the biggest win for our clients. We are comfortable in our personal coaching style and continue to evolve to meet the needs of our clients. We are humble in our quest for knowledge and proud about the methodology we are a part of implementing. We do the thinking for our clients and focus on delivering the highest quality workout experience of any fitness brand. Together we have a reputation for being the smartest, most capable coaches you can find. We raise the bar. We are pioneers in the Movement Industry and bring respect and standards to our profession.

Us Vs. Them


We can intelligently customize exercises to meet
client capabilities

We shift our communication to connect with clients

We are cutting edge thinkers

We are confident and capable coaches

Doctors and clients trust us

Our results are consistent


They think one size fits all

They trade on their personality and you don’t have to like it

They follow trends blindly

They are insecure about their effectiveness

Their clients like them but don’t trust them

Their results are situational

We’re Battling

Outdated Methods

Movement Masters are joined by a fierce desire to offer the most cutting edge science and highest customer experience. We are tired of fitness brands that take one study or one scientific principal and build an entire method based solely on that. We are inspired to take the blinders off of those who are so threatened by new information that they risk the validity of their entire operation. We don’t believe in having education without a clear path to implementation. We challenge exercises claiming to be functional that are never executed in real life. We question the status quo to push the entire industry to a higher standard. We are united in our fight to establish Movement Masters as the most respected skill set in fitness.

We Fight

Low Expectations

Movement Masters redefine what a quality coach experience looks like. Typical clients feel pain is something to push through but not something to listen to. They don’t know a coach should be able to adjust the exercise to make sure they are safe and challenged based on their unique capability. They don’t know what it’s like to walk into a new facility and have staff anticipating them and welcoming them by name. They don’t realize that a good warm up and cool down system will keep them able to workout more without excess wear and tear. They don’t know that a coach can develop communication skills to deliver information they want. They don’t know what’s possible until they experience it. With that mindset, Movement Masters are focused on being so excellent we forever ruin clients who train with us from ever enjoying a coached experience with someone else.

It doesn’t take a degree

To restore function

One of the biggest myths in our industry is that you need a four year degree and ideally a graduate degree to be successful restoring function. The truth is that you do need specialized education, but traditional education is not pumping out coaches that can address pain effectively in exercise. There is a mindset that trainers need to stay in their lane and only deal with the fit and active. But the reality is 54% of Americans suffer on any given day with a muscular skeletal disorder that impacts their daily life. That means most Americans experience pain and aches daily. When they walk into a fitness facility and expect to workout, what are we supposed to do? Send them away back to the clinical environment they don’t want, or do we rise up and gain the skills to address their pain intelligently and offer them help? A Movement Master does what it takes to gain the education and invest in their skills to deliver a safe and desired workout experience regardless of college or graduate school education. At the end of the day results speak louder than credentials.

5,853 # Of Combined Clients Served
71 # of MDMCs:
2,010 # of 5 Star Service Reviews


At Gymnazo We Believe…

You are your best asset and worthy of investing into your skillset. You are capable and deserve to be confident when faced with client pain and potential injury.

You can be that guru when you choose a guide who has shown a path that has gotten themselves and others there.

You deserve to feel confident that you’re giving your clients the best, most cutting edge workouts.

Tools and techniques exist that can deliver results that blow your clients’ minds, so much so that you look forward to opportunities to demonstrate what you know.

You deserve to have the peace of mind that you can scale and grow
when you need and or want to.

It’s a great feeling when you can read someone in less than 30 seconds and connect with them in such a way that builds trust and rapport quickly.

Your growth acceleration is tied to the trainers and mentors around you. You will grow exponentially when you join a community of cutting edge thinkers who keep you accountable and inspired.

You deserve to build a lucrative training business that doesn’t burn you
out as a coach or an owner.

You deserve to get paid what you’re worth and have freedom as you build your legacy.


We will help make you:

  • Confident in our methodology
  • Capable in our skillset
  • Trusted in our community
  • Consistent in our results
  • Free to enjoy life on your terms
Are you ready to become a

Movement Master?

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