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7 Minutes of Stretching After Workout Using the TRUE Stretch

Posted on December 29, 2022

To watch the full video, click here: https://youtu.be/6S6wKD5Zpr8

I queued for a typical strength day post workout recovery, we’re gonna go through more of a little bit of a flow here. We’re gonna start with the good front hip and hamstring. Good way to start it off right into an inner thigh. When you left foot back behind the cage, right foots gonna step up, letting that back heel, lift up. So we’re in that good, tz one of gait in the front leg tz two of gait in the back leg. And we’re going to drive forward, looking up into the right, and then I slow shift back, coming to the heel, dropping down into your left side, up into the right and down into the left, making sure we incorporated our breath into this even adding an inhale as we come up an exhale as we come down from here and stay in a bit deeper into the hamstring and shift our weight back as little rotation to the hips. Getting a bit more of that changes playing of the hammies and then hold that deep lunge forward, take the hands to the right side. So now we’re driving a bit more into that rotational play into the forward and back hip drive, but biasing the rotation in the thoracic spine. From there, we’ll go into an adductor So turning that left foot out right foots going to toe up, hands can fall in front in a nice slow fall towards that cage leg. That’s going to target that right hamstring, right inner thigh, even adding in that left arm coming up over the top to pull that left lateral pour into the mix. Once you’ve got those, those nice big drives will turn back into the cage. Nice little lunge forward and switch sides. So now right foots back, left, what’s going to step up, hands are down in front driving forward looking up into your left side. Shifting back, looking down into the right thoracic spine, adds a bit of rotation. Looking up left with extension down right with that flexion. Head one more through those, make sure we’re taking our time sinking in and the knee isn’t fading out but the knee stays straight. Coming back and then we’ll stay down here, adding a little rotation to the pelvis with the thoracic spine, upper outer, upper inner hamstring stretch, and then deep drive forward, hands over the left side, getting a few more pulses. Straight ahead even looking left to pull the throw hole thoracic and cervical spine into that rotation. Once we get a few there, nice little turn to that right side. We’re gonna straighten that left leg out, turn the toe up, hands fall up in front, little bend of the right knee to help out and fall towards that left leg will sink in there for a few and then we can start to add in more that lateral core by reaching that right hand all the way up high and over the top pulling the left adductor to the right side ribcage right side hip. One more there. And then a slow readjust trim back into the cage lunge forward and push up out of that one. Going right into that side core. Now here, we can go feet on the left side, right hands into come up to the left left hands and come back behind and left foot can step up to the platform. And we’ll get a nice little push of the left hand little pull of the right hand. We can stay out there for a few and then adding in rotation to the hips. Another good way to hit this right side core is to keep that right hand up high, left hand down but we’re going to open up that right foot. So now we got a little more leverage here to push the left pull the right nice little squat kind of corkscrewing down to that right side pulling to that right core down to that right, lat. So both of those are great options there. Same thing on the other side, feet on the right, left, lower, left hand comes up right hand down low, right hand or right foots use, pick comes up, slide the hips left, get that left ribcage. Once we get out there have a nice load, we’re going to add a little twist right and left to the hips and through the core. Nice little sinkin. And another option on that one is to keep the left hand high right hand low. left foots going to open up a little squat and corkscrew to the left side. So we’re getting that left sideline from the left side core down to that left side hip dropping down, dropping down.

Once you finish, do those where you get that front side chest when you got that left foot forward, right foot back, left hand is high and behind right hand up in front. They’ll drive forward and turn to the right side. Look into the right, coming home few those. Once you’ve got that stay looking right and slide the hips to the side. So now we’re getting the diagonal from your right hip up to that left chest. And we can enter a little sagittal plane drive and switch sides. Right hand comes up in behind. Left hand up in front right foot forward. Going for a nice slow rotation to the left side. Feel the hips the chest and the head alternating and then go and for that holding rotation slide the hips the side so deeper pull out that left front hip to that right armpit. And then going for a drive for look up and push back out of there. One more piece you can end with, just to close it down is to go hands at right left, just blow chest tight, both feet step out, and I slow drive the hips forward, allow the chest to fall back had to look up, breath in. Nice low, hips go back, flex forward, chin tucks breath out about three to five of those, finishing with a little twist to the right, and to the left side, hitting the bilateral chest and that stretch. One more we can add to this too, if you’re noticing that people are having some tightness in their traps there next is to sit on down on the platform, you can always sit on a pad of this as well. Legs are comfortable in a position here hands can rest on the sides, relax the shoulders and go for a cervical extension right in cervical flexion breath out primarily through the neck, but you can always let the thoracic spine curve as well. Cervical spine extension than allowing the thoracic to extend. Then coming back to that neutral position and little slide lean left that a lean to the right side, opening up that lateral side of the neck. And our goal is not to strain and to really pull ourselves in that position. But as we fall to the side, think about lifting the ear up to the ceiling, joining length now through my left shoulder all the way up to my left jaw line left ear. Come back to center I’ll get a little lean left, lift my right ear up to the ceiling. Find a breath make sure I’m not holding my traps but relaxing. And then for rotation a little turn to the right. Turn slowly to that left side. Then even adding in some diagonals so chin can come down, left full forward. up right looking up, down left, up right and then same thing down to the right up into the left leg a little tight to reach so we’re leaning and turning to the left will come down to the right sides more of a type would we’re dropping the left lean and then turning to the right and then coming out shaken out to the shoulders and they are good to go. Enjoy.

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