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Endurance Programming for The World’s Toughest Race

Posted on December 3, 2020 CJ Kobliska

For all you functional training junkies out there, we hit the jackpot of functional training opportunities. Back in 2018 we were approached by a future Eco-Challenge contestant named Sonja Weick. She came to us in hopes that we could help prepare her for what she was going to encounter in The World’s Toughest Race. 

And when she walked in we were like “Oh hell yeah”. She came to the PERFECT place to help get her ready to compete in the 2019 Eco-Challenge. 

We started Sonya out the same way we started all of our new clients out, with a movement assessment. This was important because it set the baseline for how well Sonya could move. This allowed us to determine Sonya’s weaknesses, biases and strengths. 

From there we walked Sonya through a questionnaire to learn more about what she was hoping to get out of her training and what types of activities she wanted help training for. Once we knew what we were dealing with it was time to get to work. 

We consider this the jackpot of functional training opportunities because we got to help Sonya train for a multitude of different activities. Everything from hiking, to mountain biking, to swimming, to paddle boarding to crossing rivers and scaling waterfalls. It was such an honor and so much fun to train Sonya. 

We got to really push the limits on our creativity with movement that still stayed true to Sonya’s goals and needs. If you’re interested in seeing how exactly we trained Sonya for the Eco-Challenge, check out the video below

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