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Fitness Equipment Review: The FitFighter

Posted on December 28, 2022

To watch the full video, click here: https://youtu.be/5q38_YAyjz8

Coaches, athletes. Michael Hughes here with Gymnazo Edu comin’ at you in a new series of equipment review, we have spent 10s of 1000s of dollars on a bunch of equipment over the years outfitting our space as a space grew even more equipment to fulfill it. And there’s something I’m really excited about to share as our first official, a fifth fitness equipment review is the fifth fighter, and we just got our shipment in. We’ve been playing around with them for quite some time. But the fifth fighter is is a really awesome, awesome tool wases it’s a steel hose. Now this is a fire man’s hose, fireman’s hose, and inside of his steel shot, so it’s really cool. It’s a recycled hose, recycled steel shot, and it basically just put together in a very awesome compact form. Now what I really like, and what I want to just kind of fly right off the handle with and say, is why I like this tool, so much, especially if you’re a coach and fitness or business owner, or run a facility is that when we’re thinking about outfitting our space, with tools, right, we don’t have a budget of so much, right? If you’re starting out, or you know, you’re kind of getting your whole thing going, you only have so much so much cash. So if you can buy a piece of equipment that really satisfies a lot of other pieces of equipment, you can therefore put more money to invest in other ways of growing your your business versus a hard cost. That well doesn’t necessarily bring in more clients, but it certainly satisfies people’s, you know, kind of fitness training. So what I like about this tool is that what this fit fighter can do, can really essentially satisfy short term, what a viper can do, what a mace can do, and what a sandbag can do. And that’s pretty cool when you can get one tool that can satisfy three now I love the Viper man. In fact, our next review is going to be on the Viper. And if you want to do other reviews on other fitness pieces of equipment, get our perspective on please let us know in the comments below. And by the way, if you’re loving this stuff, throw that like button and subscribe because we got a bunch of stuff coming out. But we also love the sandbag. And hyperaware makes a really great bag that we’ve beat these things up over the days. And if you really want to test equipment, if you if you’re making on test on the longevity of its life, you send it to us because this sucker gets slammed 1000s of times some days in our facility from morning till end. So that’s been a cool thing. And now the mace just that cool wielding flow piece that really brings functionality into a fitness space. So if we can take those three pieces and make it into into this then we’re feeling pretty, pretty awesome. Now I’m gonna just cover the basics right? We know that this can act like a dumbbell so whatever you can do with the dumbbell you can do with this right so all the basic curls and flies and presses and etc. I’m not to discount those are great moves relatively speaking, but we all know those no notice things What else can it do? So I want to cover the kind of the some of the most details that most people maybe don’t cover. So I’ll start with the mace right. If you’re if you own masons and you kind of flow through Mason’s then you know that you can do 360s with them, right? You know that you can do kind of Archer poses with him, you know, that you can do a ballistic curl with them. If you don’t anything like that. You can also swing and wheel that right, it’s cool to have this load on one side, this globe on one side, and and make it happen. So essentially, if you can only pick one, well, you can also do a 360 and a mill, swipe with a fifth fighter, right? You can also take this and wield this and throw this as well, right now, is it different? Well, it is different, right? But we’re saying if you’re in a pinch, and you really want to make something happen, this can help satisfy that. In fact, that’s a 10 pound Mason, it’s super super long if I’m going to try to teach someone a 360 If I can shorten my lever arm, right, and I can start to easily get that kind of pattern to go through. And it wasn’t the best 360 But you get the point. You can start to help help someone maybe transition to a mace if I’m looking for a sandbag and I need something to throw into slam to make sure it has the durability. Well this I would argue is way more durable because you can also go through a slam process and yes, it may not rack the same you know but it’s it’s so close. It’s so close. And as that scent essentially a wet suit piece of material starts to break down. Will this Kevlar like of material is going to last? So we’re looking for how do you not need to continue to spend your money

sources your capital expenditure on more equipment that breaks down. And that was that’s what we came down for the high price, no disrespect, great product, but we just had to keep buying them and buying and buying them. I don’t think we’re gonna have to do that with this with this tool. Now taking that into the Viper, right i One of my favorite tools. Gosh, this is like one of my, we have like we have like over 80 Vipers in our facility. We love these things, the functionality of the purposiveness the versatility is, is huge. And so if we can start to get movement patterns, traditional lift patterns with this tool, then we can say wait a minute, can we not take that same versatility with this tool. And when I like this one, it’s actually harder to wheel because it has that flex to it. It has that kind of like drooping this is like Whoa, man. And so you get a little bit more kind of function and flow through it. As you can do similar tools, similar motions that you can use with the Viper. In fact, this one’s a little bit more forgiving for certain certain things. So we’re really excited to bring this tool into our space, in conjunction with the other tools that we have. But again, my point of this video is if you can take three tools and use one for the start, right, then I would love to save you that money, I’d love to save you that thought process to save you that organizational space. And to really kind of start off something that can really help you progress, your business, your training and conditioning your programming in ways that well. This is a specialty tool in a sense to do the mace is definitely a specialty tool. And it takes a lot more understanding. And kind of like, Gosh, why don’t we even do this thing? Well, there’s a lot, but so against saving your time saving your mental thought saving your facility organizational space, is what this video really is all about. And really promoting a product that I believe is a step change, right? In traditional training and conditioning. Right we have the bolt down to the floor pieces of equipment, and those haven’t changed in years and years, they just look cooler. But they still do the same function. What I like about the fitness industry is that technology is changing. And this is a technological advancement. So it was nice. In a sense, even though it’s quite a quite the middle medium evil weapon in a sense, the Vipers change the sandbox, it changed but so when we can really kind of come to come together experience a great tool. And it’s all it’s amazing functionality from a traditional standpoint. And from a functional standpoint. Well, as you can see, this is not even all of our we actually have a whole nother pile outside the door that we’re that we’re still unpacking. So let’s go to some specialty stuff. What can you really do with a fit fighter that maybe is a little bit harder than anything else. So I also want to talk about like grip, grip strength, right, I’ve set one up here, it’s awesome if you can set up to a carabiner to a squat rack of cases and you start doing pull ups with this hand grip, right. So if you’re really into Spartan Races, tough motors is adventure races. And you want to kind of get some more functionality in that race, while doing a standardized pull up is a good option. But there’s other ways that that course challenges you and a hanging are essentially a vertical hold is a good way to do that. You can also attach that to a band, like hook that band hook the fifth fighter to this band. Now I have it through a bungee or through a pulley system. If you have a Kaiser machine or pulley machine, you can hook it up with that. Now that grip strength is now going in a different direction versus vertical. So another great way that you can kind of make this tool happen a little bit more. If you’re into throwing, even if you’re kind of into that kind of that weirdness that you can take that fit fighter, I’m not gonna do in this studio space, but you can really chuck that sucker. You know, so you get that ballistic feel that you really don’t want to do with the dumbbell right, you don’t really want to throw those things around, just just not designed for it. So that’s kind of my quick hit on this fit Fighter series. It’s a it’s a steel hose. It’s a great product. I really love where the where the business is going. If you want to check out more on how they use it, you can certainly download their free app on fiverr.com You wonder how we use it from a three dimensional training conditioning space leave some some some comments for us. We’d love to make additional videos on how we 3d this tool and use it in ways that well it’s a that may be pushing the pushing the kind of relative state of the traditional fitness user. So what I’d love to make that video so one person just needs to leave a comment to do that. Alright, Michael Hughes here again, appreciate your guys’s time. Great, great tool out on the market. Highly rec recommend it and if you can solve a lot of tools with one tool and save some time into and some money and some facility space. I think the Fit fighter is a great option. Thanks for listening. Appreciate it and see you guys next time.

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