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Functional Workout Program for Baby Boomers

Posted on January 4, 2023

To watch the full video, click here: https://youtu.be/gpjrIMCsiFA

Hey coaches, this is your Monday week for G one workout. For all timers and equipment modifications, please check the PDFs. For station one, come up, come down set one, we’re working on a little bit of power through that hip into the core, where you with the CMT at lateral hip, your opposite side foot is going to be doing an anterior step even more of a lunge with a powerful swing, come back, reestablish control, fig, powerful swing and come back, we’re looking for the thoracic spine to extend in that rotation. So it’s not just the arms coming up, but it’s your whole body, following that hands back behind, even challenging the head to stay straight ahead, allowing the torso to rotate halfway through switch sides. Alternative here is just to go for an overhead press with that forward lunge. That way, you’re not getting too much torque through the core. If they get to here and they’re losing their balance, that might be too much rotation, just an anterior lunges. Great, and still switching halfway through to get that swing and that press swinging the lunch. For station two, we’re grabbing on to a sambil we’re going for a little transverse plane pivot here, you’re gonna start with an uncommon, transverse plane step, open that foot to a common transverse plane step, travel and then the other foot comes across, then that foots gonna go for the common transverse plane, other foot comes across Christina lunge, tap, lunge, and tap and really work in the adductor load here, the external rotation of that hip to a little bit of an internal rotation load. Now your right hip is externally rotating. And now your left hip is internally rotating. Continuing to alternate through those other options just to rotate right, rotate left, and then take your right foot to the left, left foot to the right circumnavigating that rotational sphere of the hips, and of that thoracic spine for season three, just need your body, wherever you will go balance pivot, focusing on the most ability through the core and through the upper body, we’re gonna start with three which is a push up four is going to be the balance, we’re gonna go down onto both hands, you’re gonna do a push up to an alternating knee. So this is where the balance of the single leg comes in, it’s a push up, single leg, cover it take the knee across, right back home, push up the other knee across to the elbow, first, we’re doing it ProHD. And then we’re gonna come up for four and do something very similar standing. If you want to tweak that one down for for us a box. For four, it’s a tap forward, hands are gonna swing up and away from that foot that’s reaching forward, then tapping back, reaching the hands low, tap for reach high and behind, tapping back reaching low, we’re working on the throwing mechanics to the hips, the T spine in the upper body, it’s kind of that load, the pitchers going to have to come through, we want to get the extension to the T spine, the rotation that type to spine, and then come all the way through to a full load of that posterior hit the halfway point switch legs. So now you’re tapping forward, reaching over to the left, tap back reaching down into the ground tweak, here’s just to go for a sagittal plane tap balance, reaching up and reaching down, tweak up is to lift that foot all the way up into the air. So as you reach it forward, hover completely. As you come back, still hovering that leg now puts all the load through that step balancing leg for station five and six for using the Viper. Five is going to be a rotational overhead press for power, we’re going to start at chest or at hip hip is a little more full body, chest is going to be a little more upper half. Press right, back to center, popping up to the left and back to center. Continuing that for the whole round to here. Now it pulls you into a little bit of flexion getting all the way up over the head back down to the hip. And a big powerful overhead press requires a lot more from the posterior portion of the body to get that weight up. For sixth and final. We’re gonna be going for a little bit more about rotational swing at hip height. So right, left rotation, feel free to get a few of those just to keep the core movement. And then you got to alternate right foot, lunge, reach low, left foot lunge and reach and low and you can go for a few of those lunge pivots. reaching down right back to the rotation for a few in the hips. little tweak up is to keep that motion going one of each so you’re gonna twist right, left lunge, right foot, lunge, left foot, left, right, left foot lunge come home, right foot lunch, bring it back adds a lot more of that dynamic control to the foot, the hips and to the core. Enjoy.

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