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How to Create a 6-Figure Fitness Business Without a “Recognized” Certification

Posted on December 18, 2020 Michael Hughes

Certifications are all the rage in the personal training world. The more you have, the better the trainer, right? Mmmm, not necessarily. More definitely doesn’t mean better. You can have every certification out there and still not be a good trainer. 

Lots of trainers have this mindset that if they have more certifications, they’re going to be able to get more clients and those things DO NOT CORRELATE. Why? Because clients don’t care about what certifications you have, they care more about your actual ability to help them achieve their goals. 

The most common problem I see with certifications is that trainers get the certificate without knowing how to apply what they learned. Knowledge is worthless if you don’t know how to apply it. Which brings me to my point: Stop chasing certifications that don’t give you practical skills and start seeking out knowledge that gives you experience. 

This is exactly what I did instead of being a certification junkie. Here’s the short version of my story:

Ever since I was in middle school I wanted to be a physical therapist. But when it came to getting into PT school, I was rejected 8 times 2 years in a row, which at the time was devastating. It was like my dream had just been steam rolled, flattened and fed as bread to the ducks. But low and behold, it ended up being a blessing in disguise. 

To learn more about my journey and how I built Gymnazo into a 6-figure then 7-figure fitness business, check out the video below.


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