The 6 Hurdles We Had to Overcome to Build a 7-Figure Fitness Business

Posted on June 14, 2021

Welcome to our very first episode!
We love podcasts and have a habit of tuning into the first podcast episode to learn about the hosts and their story. This is our story told in a different way.If you’re a fitness entrepreneur, you know you face obstacles that either stop you in your tracks or force you to overcome them to keep pressing on. In this first podcast we share with you the 6 hurdles we experienced that forced us to become the business and people we are today.Here’s a quick roadmap of what we share in this episode:
How we jumped 6 hurdles to build a 7 figure fitness business

  • Hurdle 1: Rejected from physical therapy programs (2 years in a row)
  • Hurdle 2: How to get clients to trust me that I could help them with their pain
  • Hurdle 3: How to replicate myself and build a team of coaches
  • Hurdle 4: How to open our own facility and could we afford it?
  • Hurdle 5: How to retain clients and sustain their lifetime value
  • Hurdle 6: How to scale…. brick and mortar or train trainers?

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